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Making the world safer for vulnerable individuals with VITALS.
Together, we can make smart products and services that connect communities and protect people in need. Please watch the video to learn more about the challenges facing communities and the impact of VITALS.
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What we do

Aware Services is a leading software and services company focused on building community and saving lives by revolutionizing the way vulnerable individuals and people in need connect and communicate with first responders. Founded by local business leaders working closely with The Autism Society of Minnesota and local police officers that are striving to make a difference, Aware Services offers a secure platform and tools to supply important and behavioral information provided by caregivers to first responders during potential safety situations. Aware Services offers first responders, caregivers and vulnerable individuals a feeling of peace of mind at home, in the community and wherever they go.

We’re driven to make a difference in the world.


We think it’s important to believe in what you do.

Positive Impact

Doing good by creating a culture of helping others.

Above & Beyond

Striving to continually be better than yesterday.


Rallying others to help change the world.


Designed by Aware Services to save more lives.

VITALS provides critical information to police and first responders during safety situations involving vulnerable individuals.  

With VITALS, our friends in public service receive alerts on their phone when they come within 30 to 50 feet of a member carrying their card. This alert delivers critical information such as caregiver phone numbers and ways to calm the individual and de-escalate situations if needed.

VITALS - Available Soon In

St. Paul, MN

VITALS will soon be available to members within St. Paul–providing our friends in public service with critical information securely and privately during critical encounters with vulnerable individuals.

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Your City

Learn how VITALS can work with families and first responders in your area to bridge the information gap and better protect and serve vulnerable individuals within your community.

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Building Community

When good people come together for the right reasons, the result is smart products that save lives.

Aware Services is truly a grassroots effort that utilizes leading edge technology to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals.  We work with parents, local community leaders, the police and other first responders to understand the important challenges and develop solutions that can rally the support of community. Together we can create a new movement of understanding and connection.


Want to Learn more?

Contact us if you’re interested in using Vitals or learning more about our life-saving technology.

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