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Saving lives by empowering human connections.
Working with families, the community and the police, we have developed a product that bridges the information gap to better serve the community and protect vulnerable individuals.
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Smart solutions designed to make the invisible, visible.

Vitals applications were designed to close the communication gap between first responders and people in need. Together they increase community independence and security for individuals with disabilities.
First Responder App

Provides relevant information to first responders, increasing their ability to prevent tragic interactions for vulnerable individuals in the community.

Caregiver App

Helps families feel more at ease by providing details, anxiety triggers and personalized de-escalation tactics to emergency responders.

Vulnerable Individual App + Beacon

Helps vulnerable individuals and people in need to live more independently, feel safer and stay connected to their community.

Innovating to better the whole world.
How It Works

We have created a life-saving product designed to make the invisible, visible.

Create Profile

Caregiver creates a profile on our secure platform including photo, name, behavior triggers and de-escalation tips and other important information

Assign Beacon

Vulnerable individual is given a beacon to carry with them during their daily activities.

Point of Interaction

With participating agencies the first responder app receives corresponding profile allowing the first responder to have more complete and up to date information on the individual need.

Sense of Safety

VITALS brings people together—resulting in a safer community.

VITALS | Caregiver App

Reducing anxiety and fear for the community

Create and instantly update a profile with the most relevant information

Easily assign beacons to the corresponding individual

Have peace of mind knowing 
emergencies are handled with care

VITALS | First Responder App

Bridging the gap, building community and saving lives.

Receive timely, relevant information when you need it the most.

Increase the ability for first responders to develop a better approach for personal interactions with vulnerable individuals

Build stronger community relationships and trust with vulnerable individuals

VITALS | Vulnerable Individual Beacon & Android App

Making the invisible, visible in critical situations

By simply carrying the beacon, First Responders are notified when they are in proximity of a vulnerable individual

The Corresponding profile is made avail to first responders during an interaction when needed

By having the profile first responders have the information to better respond to their individual needs

We allow individuals to feel safer in and around the community

Want to Learn more?

Contact us if you’re interested in using Vitals or learning more about our life-saving technology.

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